Cajun football has had some time to reflect on the homecoming loss to South Alabama and prepare for Marshall.

It’ll be 11 days from the end of one game and the kick-off of the other.

The team used the extra time to sharpen their skills.

“I think anytime you have extra time you have to go into the fundamentals of the things you need to do to play better. By position, you inventory all the things that are showing up on tape, that you maybe didn’t have time to correct, and with some extra days in there and practice schedules you can alter a little bit with some extra time you can get into more individual time more fundamental stuff,” said Louisiana head coach Michael Desormeaux

Cajun defensive lineman Zi’Yon Hill-Green added: “You know its the usual, back to work. small stuff like technique. I feel like some people forget about technique when technique is one of the biggest things every weekend in football that shows up you know tackling, you know, blocking correctly you know playing your blocks correctly. so you know we are working the usual things, the small details and it’s gonna put us in the best way possible.”

Kickoff between the Cajuns and Thundering Herd will be 6:30 pm on October 12.