LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Louisiana’s Ragin’ Cajuns are 1-0 after a 24-7 win over Southeastern Louisiana.

The Cajuns welcome The Eastern Michigan Eagles on September 10 at 6pm. It will be televised nationally on NFL Network.

Looking ahead to the next contest, head coach Michael Desormeaux says that one thing the team could improve upon…communication.

“Defensively, that’s where disasters happen. That’s where you give up huge plays when the communications bad. and then offensively that’s where you can beat 10 out of 11 on offense, but 1 guy is off and not on the same page well it doesn’t work. So, you know there was a lot of plays like that particularly in that third quarter when we went back and watched it where I felt like man, we didn’t have a whole lot of rhythm”, he explained.