College station, Texas.

That’s the destination for the Ragin’ Cajun baseball team in the NCAA regional tournament.

Louisiana secured its spot by knocking off Texas State and Georgia Southern on its way to the Sunbelt Tournament title and an automatic berth.

“I couldn’t be any more proud of our group.we did it the hard way. I thought we had a chance to do it the more traditional way, it just didn’t, it didnt come all together but we stayed the course, you know stayed in the fight,” said head coach Matt Deggs.

The Cajuns will enter a regional that has host Texas A&M, TCU and Oral Roberts in it.

“With TCU, we played them last year, we know what they’re about, they’re a really good team. They could pitch, they could hit. A&M, they’re the host. They’re power five. Really good at everything. Oral Roberts, I know a couple of guys over there, really gritty. they’re underdogs, they’re overlooked. But we know they are really good, explains Cajun pitcher Austin Perrin.

As far as a key to winning the regional…

“You’re gonna have to play really really good. You’re gonna have to play free and fast and hard and loose and that’s your best shot. In a setting like this, the competiton goes up. The stakes are higher and this is when the big boys show up,” says Deggs.

“I think we need to stay on us. don’t focus on so much about how they play just focus on what we do good at and just playing our game,” says Cajun infielder Kyle DeBarge

Cajun Jacob Schultz adds:”I just think taking it game by game. one game at a time. one pitch at a time.”

The Cajuns will play TCU Friday evening. First pitch is set for 7.

Louisiana is 25-26 in regional play.

They are looking for their first super regional appearance since 2015.