LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The Cajun baseball team is onto regionals.

The team learned their destination Monday.

“Excitement, lot of excitement. A lot of handshakes, lot of high fives, lot of hugs, lot of tears definitely, says pitcher Jackson Nezuh.

Cajun 1st baseman/outfielder Carson Roccaforte adds: “I mean it was a little nerve-wracking. We thought we knew we had the right resume. Finishing strong in that tournament, beating good teams like Coastal. We thought that was enough for us. To see our name up there was really exciting.”

The Cajuns were among the last four in to make the tournament.

Louisiana gets its first at-large selection since 2013. “It’s really cool in a lot of ways, and I was saying it on the bus last night, not knowing if we were in or not. In a lot of ways, sometimes it’s cooler getting in at large than winning your conference tournament and, because that is a sign of respect,” says head coach Matt Deggs.

The Cajuns will play in the Coral Gables regional.
The host, the ninth-seeded Miami Hurricanes will take on Maine, Friday at 6 pm
The Cajuns will take on Texas, Friday at 1 pm.

Louisiana is up for the opportunity in front of them.

“I believe that we play in the big moments. We know how to rise to the occasion and do what we have to do against certain teams and whatnot,” explains catcher Julian Brock,

The start of the tournament brings a clean slate.

“Everybody is 0-0. And we’re fighting from a position like everybody else,” says Deggs.

Outfielder Max Marsuak adds: “It’s a level playing field. That’s all it comes down to. And I think that gives us a bunch of confidence so we don’t have to press, it’s not like we’re trying to make the tournament no more. We made it and now, it’s just time to go.