The Ragin Cajuns enter week two of the fall camp and as Head Coach Michael Desormeaux puts it, “It’s now the dog days of camp.”

This is the time where the newness of camp fades, and the grind begins.

And when it come to on the field battles, all positions still up for grabs. In the kicking game it’s no different.

UL had an experienced place kicker in Kenny Almendares, who went 4-4 last season in field goals, before injuring his leg and missing a majority of the season.

He has the leg! His career long, a 48 yarder at Texas, in the 2021 season opener.

Coach Des says Almendares is PK1, until he’s not!

“Going into it, I kind of feel like it’s Kenny’s to lose, since he is the incumbent. That is the right way it’s suppose to be. The other two guys are pushing, and they are charting right up there with him. It’ll be a good thing for us, shoot, it might go all the way down to game week.”

Kenny welcomes the competition, “It’s good because it keeps you on your toes. You got to make sure to keep going. Competition is great, especially in kicking, because you see the guy make it, and you are like, now I have to make it.

If I don’t make it he is doing better than me. Competition, you see what other people do, you see where they mess up, or you see where they do good. Or how they kick the ball higher, or better, so you try to apply it, but you can’t apply everything because, everyone kicks differently.”

The Cajuns are five practices and one scrimmage in to fall camp.