LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – When Louisiana takes the field to open its season in September, they will do so on a 13-game win streak and as the defending Sun Belt Conference champions.

Offensive lineman AJ Gillie and wide receiver Peter Leblanc told KLFY News 10 that despite these achievements, the team cannot rest on those laurels.

“Everybody on our schedule is going to come in thinking that they are going to come beat us. So we have to come in and approach every game like it’s the championship game,” Gillie said.

Leblanc added, “last year is in the past. We have a brand new season ahead of us and we haven’t proven anything yet this year.”

This year, The Cajuns are picked to win the Sun Belt’s west division again.

Linemen Carlos Rubio and David Hudson say that in the end, wherever they are picked is irrelevant in relation to what the team hopes to accomplish.

“We always say this thing saying ignore the noise. You know keep ourselves out of the noise of the media, good or bad. If they say we are going to win 50 games next year, you know, ignore the noise. If they say we are going to lose all our games next year, ignore the noise. Just close your eyes and work,” Rubio explained.

“Yeah, we just gotta stay hungry,” Hudson added. “We can’t let all the noise, the outside noise, where they are talking about, yeah, we’re coming off of a championship win, bowl game win 13-1 all of this. We can’t be satisfied with that, we gotta stay hungry and we gotta keep pushing each other.”

The Cajuns play Southeastern at Cajun Field for their season opener on September 3rd at 6 p.m.