LAFAYETTE – On August 20th Westminster Christian Academy of Lafayette played in its first-ever football game, hosting John Paul the Great.

The Chargers play in an 8 vs. 8 league with seven other teams.

“We never thought we were actually gonna have football,” junior safety, slot receiver, and quarterback Nelson Goulas says. “We were hoping for years and years trying to get football. It’s actually my first year here but all these kids, they’ve been wanting football since middle school.”

“It’s awesome,” head coach Jim Stomps says. “We’ve got 27 on the varsity, 18 on the middle school. We had a huge crowd week one. Everybody came out to Broussard Sports Complex for our game against John Paul the Great, who was the runner up state champion. We didn’t get the win, but we had some really good things for our first-year team.”

The following week, WCA Lafayette beat CHSAA 46-18 to earn the program’s first-ever win.

“We’re a young team,” Stomps says. “Everything we do every day is getting better. We want to make sure we honor God with everything we do everytime we step onto the field.”

This past Friday, the Chargers beat Mt. Olive Christian 54-0 to go 2-1 on the season. They will play Acadiana Christian for the school’s first-ever homecoming.

So what has helped this young team earn success early?

“Our pass game is really good,” junior wide receiver and cornerback Isaac Fife says. “We have a really strong receiving corps and a really good quarterback. Our run game is really good as well. We can really do it all. We can score on all cylinders.”

“Our speed is also a really big factor,” junior running back and linebacker Garrett Adams says. “We’re a fast team. I think we come out there, and people aren’t expecting that big burst whenever we play.”