UL Women’s Basketball Finds Motivation With Traveling Pastor

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Motivation can come in many different forms. for some, its a word. 

“Our word going into Little Rock was identity,” said UL Women’s Basketball Head Coach Garry Brodhead, “and that was my word when I first got the job here.”

For others, it’s a chant and for the Ragin Cajun Women’s Basketball team, it’s Floyd Prescott otherwise known as ‘Brother P, the team pastor.

“Just like they have a chance and an opportunity to compete, I feel the same way about everytime I have these 2,3,5 minute intervals to be able to share with them,” he explained.

The locker room atmosphere is always the same, Head Coach Garry Brodhead as well as his staff goes over the game plan and then, Brother P comes in with his motivation. 

“We’re very blessed to have a pastor that follows our team.” said Coach Brodhead, “He’s a big part of our team. Matter of fact, he motivates me I go into the game.”

“You never know what that one seed that one phrase that one sentence that one word that one statement, even a chant can do to motivate or insipre or challenge someone to step up their level of play or even the way that they think,” said Prescott. 

When he isn’t in the locker room, motivating both coach and the players, you can find him behind the bench, cheering on the women’s basketball team.

UL has won their last three matchups and now, hit the road to face South Alabama on Thursday.

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