STM’s Danny Broussard reflects on career after 1,000 wins

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The 70-50 win over the Ellender Patriots last Saturday wasn’t just another win for St. Thomas More. Cougars head basketball coach Danny Broussard earned his 1,000th win.

37 years of coaching. Four state championships. And now 1,000 career wins as a head coach. St. Thomas More head basketball coach Danny Broussard has done it all.

If you ask him about it though, he won’t take credit for it all.

“It’s really all about my guys that have played for me for 37 years,” Broussard says. “Our guys have always played hard. They’ve given everything they’ve gotten. It took a lot of effort, especially by my family. My wife’s been the rock.”

After his record-setting win, Broussard couldn’t step in the spotlight before embracing his wife.

“She’s been with me through the tough times,” Broussard says. “I’m such an intense coach. I’d go home sometimes and I wouldn’t even talk for a day or two. She’s just so patient with me. She’s always been there for me. Like I said, without her doing that, I couldn’t have done what I did. It’s special to share with my family here tonight.”

Sharing the moment and the recognition with his family, assistant coaches, and players. Broussard has a knack for connecting with the people his beloved sport brings him. But he admits, it wasn’t that easy when he first started coaching.

“When we started a long time ago, I was so scared to be buddies with them because I was so young,” Broussard says. “My only regret about coaching those guys is that I wasn’t really close with my players to begin with. I didn’t want them to think I was one of them because I was young. I wish I would’ve developed a better relationship with them. Now, I’ve learned. I really have a good relationship with our players. Where else can you go where you have 45 alumni supporting you? It’s a really special place.”

Broussard took over head coaching duties from his brother Rickey in 1983 when he was only 23 years old. Could the young coach ever imagine then being as successful as he is now?

“No way,” Broussard says. “No way. I know my first year I was like just trying to survive, in survival mode. What’s kind of funny is the first state championship in 1986, I was such a young coach. I really didn’t understand. I was thinking this will be easy. I’ll win 20 of these. It’s gotten a little harder. I certainly didn’t think so. I’ve always been a goal-setter. I said I’ll try to win 500. When I got to that, I set it for 1,000. I don’t know what’s next. I better not go too high. I’m getting up there in age. We’ll just take it one at a time from here on out.”

The next milestone for Danny Broussard and his Cougars? A three-peat. If STM wins a state championship this year, it will be the third consecutive title for the Cougars.

Under Coach Broussard, the Cougars have been nationally ranked twice, and have been district champions for six consecutive years, 21 times total.

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