LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Just a few weeks ago, Lafayette native Dustin Poirier won by unanimous decision over Dan Hooker in what is being called UFC’s “Fight of the Year” in Las Vegas.

The former interim lightweight champion has climbed the ranks in his career, fighting on UFC’s biggest stages.

Perhaps his greatest joy comes from two people who motivate him the most: his wife Jolie and his daughter Parker.

“So after getting my hand raised, after getting the win, there was nothing else I could think about except coming home to my family and just being dad,” Poirier says. “That’s what I love to do. It balances it all out. I can be the tough guy, travel all around the world, fight these guys, get in bloody fights. I can come home, and I’m still dad. I can play barbies. It’s not too much either way. It really balances me out.”

The former Northside High wrestler believes it’s an honor to represent Acadiana. Dustin and Jolie are always eager to give back to the community that they call home.

“We’re proud to be from here,” Poirier says. “That’s what me and my wife do everytime I fight. We try to raise money for a goal for our foundation and just represent Lafayette, Louisiana, the best way we can.”

“The Good Fight” foundation began by auctioning off fight memorabilia from Poirier’s career, including most recently his kit from the fight with Dan Hooker.

“It’s cool to have three or four pairs of bloody shorts and gloves, but I’ve got 40-something fights, and this is just gross,” Poirier says. “We thought about what can we do with all these things because I just can’t keep piling it up. We thought about auctioning it off and selling it to help people around Lafayette.”

Through those auctions, the foundation has raised thousands of dollars to impact those in Acadiana, including for fallen LPD officer Michael Middlebrook, Acadian Middle School and a playground for disabled children.

“I’m really proud of it,” Poirier says. “I’m proud of how it’s growing. It seems effortless because it’s real. It’s true. The word’s spreading. We’re not forcing anything. These goals are coming together and getting met. It just really makes me happy.”