Beyond the Jersey: Saints linebacker Demario Davis turns NFL fine into positive impact

Beyond The Jersey

New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis wore this headband that says “Man of God” the first three weeks of the season.

After the game against the Seattle Seahawks, Davis was fined over $7,000 by the NFL for wearing the headband. 

When some Saints fans at St. Louis King of France Catholic School heard about the fine, they wanted to support Davis by making headbands of their own. 

“Kids don’t put a lot of thought into it,” Davis says. “They just move with what’s on the inside. So for the kids to be moved to wear ‘child of God’ headbands, they didn’t even have the actual headbands. They just made theirs out of paper which was the cutest thing. To have the support of the kids from that school is just unbelievable.”

Davis started selling “man of God,” “woman of God,” and “child of God,” headbands in response to the national support. Over $30,000 dollars has been raised in sales from the headbands. All of that money will be going to St. Dominic Hospital in his home state of Mississippi. 

“No matter the case, whether I’m wearing the headband or not wearing the headband, whether I’m talking about a headband or not talking about a headband, I’m going to always use my platform to glorify God,” Davis says. “That’s never gonna change, because I believe He’s the one that gave me this platform for that purpose. To make His name known. I’ll always be about that.”

Davis’s agents appealed the NFL fine. It was approved last week, so now Davis can continue to wear the headband that played a part in impacting the nation. 

“They had about six or seven points that they were going to discuss with them about including not knowing about it, it not being something that was offensive, that I was not going to wear it again, because I can’t wear it in games, so that’s why I wear it in interviews, and that I was going to use it for charity” Davis says. “I think all that played a part in it. Whatever the case, it’s a blessing.”

The approved appeal may be a blessing for Davis, but he’s using it to be a blessing for St. Dominic Hospital. He is giving all of the money he was originally fined to the hospital. And for the students that created their own headbands, Davis says he is planning something special to show his gratitude to them. 

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