Beyond the Jersey: Support from the sidelines


In “Beyond the Jersey” we like to tell you the stories behind the athletes. 

But sometimes, its the mentors off the field that make the biggest impact on it.

If you attend Carencro High School football games, you may have seen Layne Carriere on the sidelines for the Golden Bears.

“If the guys need some water, Layne’s going to bring them some water. If the guys need to back up a little bit, Layne’s going to remind them back up or if they need an encouraging word, he’s right there,” says Kenny Gennuso, athletic director for Carencro High.

Carriere is a student at Carencro High School, but on Friday nights, he’s a manager for the varsity football team.

Whether it’s doing his duties as a manager or just being a good friend to his teammates, you can always count on Carriere for good advice. 

“We get into this business to hopefully impact children. Sometimes we see the fruits of our labor right away sometimes we may go a whole career hoping that we impacted students. Layne, in one month, has done what a lot of us try and do over a career. Layne has impacted us,” Gennuso explains. 

An impact that will be felt for a lifetime. 

Carriere graduated from St. Thomas More with his diploma and plans to stay at Carencro for at least a year.

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