Beyond the Jersey: Acadiana High athlete gets scholarship to Tulane


Garrett Felix plays shortstop as well as a second baseman for the Acadiana High Wreckin’ Rams.

Baseball is something he’s always been passionate about, as his father and uncles played in the minors.

“My dad was in the Giants organization and then one of my uncles was in the Brewers organization and I believe the other one was with the Indians,” Felix explains.

It’s not easy, balancing school and sports.

“Being a student-athlete in high school is especially tough I think in college it would be [tougher], but you have to do your homework and your assignments and you got to find time to study,” Felix explains.

Felix is able to do both with a positive attitude.

A lot of that has to do with his coaches.

“They taught me how to be a leader and respect your teammates and your coaches and they’re basically a family here too, we all watch out for each other and we enjoy playing together,” Felix says.

His biggest influence in the sport is the man he looks up to the most.

“My dad, we work every day pretty much every night after practice we’ll hit, take ground balls until nine or ten o’clock to get better,” Felix says.

All that hard work has finally paid off.

Felix received a scholarship to Tulane; he plans to pursue his business and financing degree and after college, he looks forward to taking his CPA exam and becoming a certified public accountant.

 Felix will also be continuing his baseball career at Tulane.

He has some advice for all the kids out there hoping to live out their dream just like he is getting to live out his.

“You might not be getting looks at your high school but there’s always showcase teams you can go to like my showcase team is why I got it, all my attention from and never give up, even if the college isn’t calling you, you never know the next day the next week they can call you so just keep working and you’ll be fine,” Felix explains.

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