Notre Dame Pios running back Jake Brouillette did something he’s never done before in a football game.
He rushed for 4 touchdowns in the Pios 35-14 win over St. Martinville.
A key win to improve to 2-and-oh!

Jake says, “We knew it was going to be a big game.”

For Jake, it was not only a big game, but, his best game in his career.
He rushed 21 times for 158 yards and the staggering four touchdowns.

In all the Pios rushed for over 330 yards, and Jake knows he didn’t do it alone.

Jake says, “We had to win the battle up front. It all starts with the battle up front. I give the biggest to our O-Line.”

Coach Lewis Cook agrees, “It’s always a team effort, but the thing about it was the yardage after he first got hit. The last TD, he probably broke three tackles for the 27 yard run for a touchdown and that is effort, and he’s not going down easy!”

The Pios made it look easy, and know the next matchup won’t be easy either…
As Notre Dame faces off with their 2nd 5A opponent of the pre-district schedule.
Comeaux, this Friday!