EUNICE, La. (KLFY) – KLFY’s Athlete of the Week is running back Ke’Von Johnson of the St. Edmund Blue Jays.

Johnson guided the St. Edmund Blue Jays to a first-round playoff appearance and had one of the best seasons for a High School freshman at St. Edmund.

Johnson told News 10 that, “In the offseason, I been putting in a lot of work. The team too, and from that, we put it all together.”

What made Johnson so special was his ability to run in space, and once he finds that opening, watch out!

This season, the Blue Jay freshman rushed for 20 touchdowns, on 213 carries for a school-record 1,795 yards.

Head Coach James Shriver told News 10 that Johnson is quite impressive.

“He’s been a blessing to our staff. He’s such a team player,” he said. “What he does with what we got is amazing.”

Johnson added, “In space, I’m not that big yet, so I like to run in space, so I can make a move on somebody and go.”

The old record which stood for almost 40 years was set in 1983 by David Nezat with 1,744 yards.

Move over David, you’ve got company in the form of Faust Phenom and Athlete of the Week, Ke’von Johnson.