Jada Richard turns heads every time she steps on the court.
The LCA Lady Knight junior point guard feels most at home on the court.

Jada says, “It’s my home man, It’s everything to me. When I’m down, I hoop, that’s my life, and to be on the court is an honor!”

Coach Errol Rogers really appreciates her talent, and the ability to lead on the court.

He says, “She knows the offenses and she knows when they changed defense and got to a point where I’m almost to a point where she can make the decision on what we are going to run.”

Jada’s averaging 31 points a game, had a 47-point game, and was voted MVP of the all-state Sugar Bowl Classic, despite LCA losing the championship.

That tough non-district schedule, preparing them for stiff competition in district 5-4A!

Jada says, “we welcome competition, we like great games. We are not underestimating anyone. Everyone plays their best game against and we just have to stay positive and move forward!”