Lafayette High Girls Soccer enters the 3rd round of the State Playoffs, this week. Centerback Shelby Brinkley, our Athlete of the Week, helped the Lady Lions to a win over Dutchtown via penalty kicks, in Round 2.
Brinkley’s defensive leadership helped in that game and all year. Her role is clearly defined,
Shelby says, “I’m confident, always confident and help my teammates continue to do what they need to do, and be there for them. Play my best and leave it all on the field.”
LHS Coach Julio Paiz says, “Her leadership, her experience, her physical attributes to the game have been tremendous. She has helped us be the type of team that we are and as a successful as we have been.”

Much of that success has come because the experience, the Lady Lions have, from Shelby and her teammate.

She says, “I’m a senior this year. There are a lot of seniors on this team, and losing isn’t really an option. We want to continue the season. This is the farthest we’ve been in a few years, we’ve never made to the 3rd round, while I’ve been here, So it’s a big deal for us to continue playing in the playoffs and get to the state championship.

Lafayette plays #1 seed Northshore on Friday night.