Kameron Williams stars on the LCA basketball team as a sophomore, he's averaging 16 points a game and 7 boards.
And his love for the game, shows when he's on the court, launching threes or taking it to the rack.

Kam says, “It’s what I love to do, makes me happy, makes my family happy, and it’s something I can got college for, and try to make it a life. Make it professional.”

Basketball is a way of life for Kam… you could say it’s a bit of a family tradition.
His older brother plays basketball for UL, Greg Williams, Junior.

Kam talks about the friendly rivalry with his brother saying, “They try to compare us, my accolades and stuff, but I’m trying to beat his. There is no comparing, so, I just beat it and I don’t have to worry about that ever.”
Kam says, “Me and my brother and my dad, ya know. We are a basketball family. It’s what we are supposed to do.”

Kam and the Knights are currently 17-7 overall and 4-0 in District 7-2A…