Southside’s Junior point guard, Jasen Breaux guides the Sharks on the court. And one key to his success: knowing his role!

Jasen Breaux says, ” My game is pretty simple, I just play my role point guard, find my shooters, and if they are hot keep feeding them.”

Head Coach Brad Boyd says, “He’s a point guard you wnat to have on your team. He doesn’t get rattled much, he doesnt how much emotion, whether it be going through something wrong or something good. Which I like!”

Having a calm demeaner benefits him on the court. Jasen average 12 points 5 assists, 2 boards and 2 steals per game, production that comes as a result of the hard work he and his teammates put in, from the start of the season.

Jasen adds, “We prepare for summer workouts, we are in the gym everyday. Compete against each other and we make the next person better.”