Time now for our Athlete of the Week. We head to the defensive side of the ball, and feature one of the key pieces of the Notre Dame Pio Defense.

Junior linebacker Jackson Casanova is a force on the Notre Dame Pios Defense. He led the team in tackles last season, and this year is on pace to do the same. His interception vs. Grand Lake, caught everyone’s attention. Jackson got credit for 47 yards, but ran probably 100 yards, total.

“I wasn’t going down,” Casanova said. “I wanted to score. My first pick six!”

“He’s grown and started last year as a sophomore, and you could see him coming,” Coach Lewis “Louie” Cook said. “Our defense has been better over the past few weeks.”

Casanova has 27 tackles on the season, and had said the D-line helps in his development.

“Made it easy for us to stop the run, stuffed the ground game and stuff and made it easier on us,” Casanova said.

Should the Pios finish off the season with a win, and then get a win in the playoffs, Cook would earn his 400th win.

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