LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Following the first week of High School football in Acadiana, KLFY Sports’ George Faust’s player of the week is Lafayette Christian (LCA) quarterback Ju’Juan Johnson.

Lafayette Christian opened the season with a 38-21 win over Acadiana.

Knights quarterback Ju’Juan Johnson had a hand in creating the first win of the season, thanks to his dynamic performance.

That performance from Johnson included 11 of 25 for 292 yards and 3 touchdown passes. He rushed for a score and threw for another. In all, he had a hand in all five LCA touchdowns.

Johnson said that “receivers did their job by catching the ball, lineman did their jobs blocking give me some opening runs. Running backs did their job by opening up the passing game. Just a lot of things that the team did for us to get those five touchdowns. I’m just blessed to have the team I have.”

The blessing comes from hard work. This team lost the state championship a year ago and that fuels the fire for the knights this season.

“We are very determined, we want it so bad. We will do anything, any amount of work for it. I like our determination that our team has as a group, not as one person, as a group. It’s great to have as a team,” Johnson said.

Johnson has dynamic skills on this team, and those skills have caught the eye of many college coaches.
In all, the #1 athlete in Louisiana has 16 schools looking at him, nine in the SEC but Johnson said that it’s not his focus right now.

“While it’s game time with team, I don’t think about that, man, it’s all about winning right now. It’s about win, win, win, after the season we can focus on that, but, right now it’s all about winning.”