A Healthy Athlete Starts With a Physical


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Back to school also means back on the field.

It’s that time of year, where athletes start preparing for their season.

But what is the key to a successful player?

It’s a healthy player, and that doesn’t start on the field or in the weight room.

It starts at the doctors. 

“It allows us an opportunity to look at the child more completely than we can at a more focus visit like a sick visit,” said Premier Pediatrics Pediatrician Farrah Huval.

A physical examination is a requirement in the state of Louisiana.

Not only does it confirm that your child is safe to play, but it let’s coaches know that they’ve got a healthy athlete on their team.

“They’re life is going to change down the road because they’re learning how to exercise how to be physically fit,” explained Lafayette Football Head Coach Rob Pool, “If we don’t develop good health form then they’re not going to help us on the field at all. So, we have to make sure that we take care of our kids.” 

The examination starts with the basics, measuring height and weight.

Then, the doctors proceed to check on problem areas that can’t always be seen by the human eye.

Areas that can also be more triggered from physical activities. 

“We look at the blood pressure, we check their temperature,” said Dr. Huval, “making sure that the child has no murmurs that their heat sounds normal checking their spine for scoliosis,”

The tests don’t stop there.

The hits on the field are heard, and several athletes suffer from concussions and other brain injuries because of them.

“They have to pass impact testing,” explained Pool, “so if they do have a concussion or something like that then they can test it and see how severe it is or when they’re back to normal so we don’t want to put them back on the field until they’re cleared.”

Concentrating on brain injuries as well as respiratory issues are main focuses for athletes.

But Dr. Huval suggests every child get a physical once a year. 

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