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Which bidet sprayer is best?

A bidet takes up a significant amount of room in a bathroom and can be unattractive. However, a handheld bidet sprayer is a great alternative. This unobtrusive gadget mounts on the wall close to the toilet. There are numerous choices for different styles and with different plumbing requirements.

Most bidet sprayers operate in a similar manner but the design, durability and finish varies from model to model. The TRUSTMI Concealed Hot and Cold Bidet Spray Set is a high-end option made from stainless steel with a modern, brushed-nickel finish. It can use warm water and has two pressure settings.

What to know before you buy a bidet sprayer

Water supply

All bidet sprayers need a dedicated water supply. Most only require a cold feed, which usually can be taken from the pipework to the toilet. If the sprayer has an adjustable temperature, it needs to be connected to the hot water.


Although most bidet sprayers have a metallic finish such as chrome or nickel, many actually are made from plastic. For a more durable option, look for a sprayer made from brass or stainless steel, which are both corrosion resistant.

The flexible hose, wall bracket and diverter valve are also available in plastic or metal, with metal being superior in both looks and durability.

Flow pressure

The sprayer is operated by a pressure-sensitive lever or button, meaning the harder you press it, the faster the water sprays. However, this method can be a little tricky to regulate. A model with an additional flow valve gives more adjustability, especially if your water pressure is very high.

What to look for in a quality bidet sprayer

Diverter valve

A diverter valve is a connector that screws onto the water inlet of the toilet cistern, allowing for a simplified installation. You often can install it without tools and incorporate a flow valve for regulating the pressure. The most durable diverter valves are made from brass.


Hose length and material are both key factors when choosing a bidet sprayer. A long hose provides versatility and allows you to use the sprayer for additional tasks such as cleaning the bathroom or bathing pets. Plastic hoses tend to be a little rigid, making them difficult to maneuver with one hand, whereas metal hoses look better, are stronger and are more flexible.


For a bidet sprayer to be adjustable in temperature, it needs a hot water supply and a mixer valve. These units are quite large and usually need to be recessed into the wall, making them more suitable for new bathroom installations than a retrofit.

How much you can expect to spend on a bidet sprayer

You can purchase a plastic model with a plastic hose for as little as $30, whereas an all-metal version is closer to $100. A high-end warm-water sprayer with a mixer valve can be as high as $200.

Bidet sprayer FAQ

Are bidet sprayers easy to use?

A. These bidet sprayers are very easy to use.

Does a professional need to install a bidet sprayer?

A. This depends on the type of bidet sprayer and where the water supply will come from. Models with a diverter valve usually are the easiest to install and can be installed by anyone with moderate DIY skills. Sprayers that need both a hot and cold water supply are more complicated and may need a professional installation.

Are bidet sprayers environmentally friendly?

A. Since these bidet sprayers cut down on the use of toilet paper, they are an environmentally friendly alternative. It is estimated a family of four uses approximately 400 rolls of toilet paper per year.

What’s the best bidet sprayer to buy?

Top bidet sprayer

TRUSTMI Concealed Hot and Cold Bidet Spray Set

TRUSTMI Concealed Hot and Cold Bidet Spray Set

What you need to know: This modern-looking bidet sprayer is made from high-quality stainless steel and is available in various metallic finishes.

What you’ll love: It has independent temperature controls, two pressure settings and comes with a long metal hose.

What you should consider: Installation isn’t straightforward, because the supply pipes need to be recessed into the wall.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bidet sprayer for the money

VENETIO Handheld Bidet Sprayer

VENETIO Handheld Bidet Sprayer

What you need to know: This budget-friendly option includes a dual-purpose mounting bracket you can attach to the wall or the toilet cistern.

What you’ll love: It is made from stainless steel and is durable. The supplied diverter valve allows for a tool-less installation.

What you should consider: This model only connects to a cold water supply.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

RinseWorks - Aquaus 360 HandHeld Bidet sprayer

RinseWorks – Aquaus 360 HandHeld Bidet sprayer

What you need to know: Available in brass, plastic or ABS, this sprayer has a chrome finish and dual pressure controls.

What you’ll love: The kit includes everything needed for installation along with an adjustable spray head that extends from 3 to 11 inches.

What you should consider: The supplied mounting bracket is a little flimsy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and The Home Depot

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