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LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Women in America have seen great progress in equality over the last several decades.  

From corporate America to the political arena, the military, business, finance and more, women continue to break the glass ceiling.  Here at KLFY we celebrate those accomplishments.  

There is a growing group of women who are impacting Acadiana.  The organization is called Women of Wisdom or WOW.

President and founder Phyllis Coleman Mouton says, the overwriting purpose is to get women, particularly African-American women, to understand that they play a vital role with other women. 

Mouton goes on to say women have the opportunity to serve on boards and commissions and organizations and to get to know Lafayette so they can have a positive impact. 

The organization, just a couple of years old, has grown from 19 members to 95 and counting. 

The group, originally began with African American women but is now as diverse as its goals with members of differing cultural backgrounds, ages, careers and religious beliefs.   

Jackie Lyle, the executive director of PASA (Performing Arts Society of Acadiana),  joined because of the group’s mission, vision and core values. 

Lyle says, “This group of women is not a social club, it’s an activist club. It’s poised and ready to learn and to have an impact, to get involved.”     

Executive Director of the Mccomb-Veazey Coterie, Tina Bingham Shelvin says it was an easy choice for her to join the organization.

Shelvin says she’s “Empowered by some of the ladies that I heard speaking about some of the things that we can do in our community to make change and to make impact.”   

Since establishment, the ladies have hosted empowerment forums with guest speakers on topics from family, to health and well-being, pay equity, race relations, joining boards to affect change, women empowerment and more. 

They have enjoyed activities including grandmother-mother-daughter teas, socials, tours, trips and self-care as well as community empowerment activities participating in or sponsoring financial boot camps, grandfather-father-son prayer breakfasts, women’s luncheons and more.   

Mouton says they are more than ready to get to work.

“We’re hungry to help to make this community the best it could be. we invite Lafayette leaders to call upon while. Get a different perspective as to how things can be handled in this community.” 

If you would like to become a part of this vibrant, motivated group on a mission to change lives, you can find them at Women of Wisdom of Acadiana.

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