LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The American Cancer Society estimates Louisiana will see almost 4,000 new cases of breast cancer in 2019. For breast surgical oncologist Dr. Shaunda Grisby, she’s hoping the breast program at Lafayette General Medical Center will help increase awareness in Acadiana. 

“I’m here to help all patients who are having breast diseases, breast issues and also of course in relation to breast cancer as well,” Dr. Grisby said.

Dr. Grisby, a highly trained surgeon and the medical director for the breast program at Lafayette General, keeps her surgical techniques sharp.

She’s finding the best surgeries for patients – such as oncoplastic breast-conserving surgery and skin-sparing mastectomy.

“I do surgeries for biopsy, I do surgeries for infection and I do surgeries for cancer which would be a lumpectomy which is where you are preserving your breast and not taking your entire breast like you would if you had a mastectomy,” Dr. Grisby said. 

Dr. Grisby said she hopes to build up the breast program at Lafayette General. 

She’s in the process of getting the program nationally accredited.

“We have all the components ready to rock it’s just more of putting us all together and putting our goals as the same. I think we all have the same goal. It’s now just putting us down,” Dr. Grisby said. 

Dr. Grisby said it’s about treating patients with the best care, with a whole team of highly trained health professionals behind her.

“We want the community to know that the same care they can get at MD Anderson or even Oschner, they don’t have to travel as far,” Dr. Grisby said. 

According to the CDC, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, no matter their race or ethnicity.