Protecting home security cameras from hackers

Protecting Your Privacy

Many people choose to place security cameras in their homes, but you should be mindful of where you place them. 

Nowadays, home security cameras are important in the placement of homes when it comes to possible home invasions or burglaries.  

You want to make sure you make it hard for hackers to not get into your security camera system. 

Larry Comeaux, co-owner of Acadiana Security Plus, says, “We highly recommend that people put cameras on every corner of their house as well as for every entrance of their house and if they are parking cars on the outside to put one on their driveway to watch their vehicles at night time.” 

When it comes to home security cameras, changing the original password of the system makes it harder for hackers to get into it. With security camera phone apps, you can change it anytime. 

“Some people leave the original password that came into the system and most manufacturers have a standard password so these hackers are just trying to see if the same password for every system that they have out there has not been changed,” Comeaux adds. 

John and Elizabeth Jaschke, homeowners who have security cameras throughout their home say they feel most protected having them on 24/7.

John Jaschke says, “Well this is one of the cameras that we have… around the house they’re scattered around in various places. Two things about it… number one, I wanted it for coverage, but also particularly in the front of the house I wanted the cameras to be visible as a deterrent, if you will.” 

John’s wife, Elizabeth, explains, “I feel secure having them and to know that we can always go back and see what we heard or if something occurred.” 

To protect yourself and your privacy, you want to make sure you place your home security cameras correctly. 

Jenn Love, with the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana, says, “When you have a security system in your home, you want to make sure that it’s not in your bathroom or your bedroom or facing a computer screen or anything like that… you want to protect all of your personal information.” 

Acadiana Security Plus adds once you put your personal name in your home security camera system, it’s very hard to hack into. 

Security experts say the hardwire system of home security cameras is better protection against hacking. 

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