Pay It Forward: Couple blesses worker with $1,000

Pay It Forward

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — In this edition of Pay It Forward, we meet a friendly couple who wants to give a blessing to a dear friend they call like family. 

We met Connie and Mike Hebert, who knew just who they wanted to pay it forward to. 

Bob Giles with Giles Automotive told them, “We’ll give you $1,000 to give to you to give to somebody you know.”

Connie Hebert replied, “I know a lady. She works at Barnes and Noble’s. She’s a single lady. Her name is Kathy and she’s struggling.”

Connie was telling us about Kathy Polk, who she’s known for about five years while going to Barnes & Noble’s regularly with her husband.

Giles asked Hebert, “Would you like to bless her with $1,000 today?”

“Well, yeah,” Hebert said. “She’s (Kathy) turned her life over to Jesus and she has been blessed from people, but this would just blow everything away.”

We introduced ourselves to Kathy Polk telling her about our program called ‘Pay It Forward.’ 

Giles said to Polk, “I have an envelope with some money in it, and it’s called Pay It Forward, so she selected you to pay it forward to and she’s going to pay it forward to you.”

“Are you serious? Thank you. I’ve never had anything like this happen to me,” Polk exclaimed.

Giles said, “That’s $1,000 for you.”

Hebert added, “That’s a gift from the Lord.” A close-knit bond between Connie and Mike and Kathy will continue.

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