Is your security camera system safe? How to protect your home from hackers

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WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The small lens can be a sense of protection by giving homeowners a live view while they are away. For a hacker though, it can turn into an outlet to spy.

In Memphis, Tennessee, a hacker used it to pop into a girl’s room. He used the camera to play obscene music and talk to her. Other recent reports have come from systems in Florida and even Wichita.

Ashley Norris shared her experience on Facebook saying she was cooking when all of a sudden she heard someone talking to her son. The hacker went as far as to tell her husband not to unplug the camera and that he knew where they lived.

A computer technology expert says incidents like this are becoming more common as the devices rise in popularity.

“In an effort to get these things out there, security is not always addressed as well as it should be,” said Bill Ramsey, CEO of Soteria Technology Solutions.

Ramsey says the biggest weakness that hackers exploit is simple wireless passwords. He says the best way to protect yourself is with a passphrase, “Use multiple words with spaces between them. Four words with a space between them, even common words is infinitely more difficult to break than one small word even with numbers and symbols.”

Also never, ever, share your wireless password because you never know where it will end up.

“Who knows who they are going to give it to, and it just spreads. It’s just not a good idea. Use your guest network,” said Ramsey.

The expert also says to make sure that your devices are getting the latest updates from the manufacturers.

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