Arkansas woman uses graphic design skills to trick scammers

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WARD, Ark.-We hear all the time about scammers trying to steal your money and take your identity.

From strange phone calls to sweepstakes competitions and computer hacking—they’ll do whatever it takes to get your information.

A woman in Ward is warning others to be careful after she got offered her dream job.

She spoke to our Re’Chelle Turner who says it was too good to be true.

Melody Mathews is a graphic designer and she was looking for that next big job to help boost her career.

A company named Mega Fox Construction offered her a position and even sent her an employment letter.

Mathews got a check in the mail and that’s when she knew something just wasn’t right.

She decided to do something to protect herself from losing thousands of dollars.

A recruiter from Mega Fox Construction found her resume on

“They asked for me to do the interview confirmation through Google Hangouts which I thought was going to be through a video,” Mathews said.
Everything was through chat but Mathews didn’t think much.

“They asked a lot of legitimate questions, “what are your strong points and what are your weaknesses,” she said.

A few conversations later, they offered her a part-time position.
They sent this cover letter with employee benefits and stock options.

“They said that they were going to be mailing me funds out later that day for office equipment for me to purchase and at that point I was skeptical about it all,” she said.

A few days later she got this check for 6,583.79 cents from G&W Electric in Illinois.

Mathews called the bank.

“They told me the company name and the account number didn’t match up and so then I called the electric company and that’s when they told me they were receiving phone calls the day prior about this,” she said.

Instead of ignoring the scammers she decided to play along.

“I used my graphic design skills to create a receipt that looked like I deposited the check into my account,” Mathews said.

From there the recruiter started texting Mathews asking her to wrap up the money.

“They started getting very persistent about me sending the money to their vendor which would then issue the equipment to me,” she said.

We called the recruiter and the number listed on the website. No one answered.

“If it sounds too good to be true it most likely is,” Mathews said.

Mathews says the scammers even looked up her address to figure out where the nearest FedEx location was.

Something else that doesn’t add up is the website says it’s based in Texas, the offer letter was from Ohio.

The envelope with the check inside came from New Mexico and they wanted her to send the money to Texas.

Mathews says she plans to take everything to the post office to see if they can do anything.

The company was able to find her information from her resume.

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