Woman believes she was right removing baby from hospital room


JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) The woman at the center of an issue at NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital where a baby was taken from one room to another patient’s room said she didn’t think she did anything wrong.

Latasha Harris said she believes she did the right thing by taking the baby.

“If nobody else is going to do nothing, Tasha is going to step up to the plate and do something,” Harris said.

Tasha Harris said she was admitted to the hospital for sickle cell anemia and when she heard a baby crying, she went to another patient’s room and checked on her.

“Like I said, I got her quiet for 5 minutes and put her back in her crib,” Harris said. “She didn’t stay quiet so I took her back to my room.”

The 4-month-old child’s mother, Lory Snyder, was asleep.

Snyder told Region 8 News she never heard her daughter crying and said she would have heard her if she was.

She does remember a lab tech coming in the room to wake her up and what that woman said alarmed her.

“She just wanted to let me know that if I woke up my baby was safe and not to panic and I was confused,” Snyder said. “I was like, what are you talking about?”

Snyder said that’s when she walked across the hall and found her baby in Harris’s room with several nurses standing around.

Harris said she didn’t think taking the baby along with her IV stand was a big deal.

“The nurse seen me bring the baby to the room,” Harris said. “Somebody else down the hallway, further down the hallway, saw me bring the baby to the room. Everybody was just looking and smiling.”

Harris said she did not have intentions to harm Snyder’s daughter and that she just wanted to give the baby love and attention.

Despite Harris’s intentions, Snyder said it was wrong and frightening.

“You don’t enter a room that is not yours and take a child that does not belong to you especially from a person you do not know,” Snyder said.

Harris said she didn’t want to frighten Snyder, but said she stands by her decision.

“To have that peace of mind that I did go check on somebody’s child, I’m fine with that,” Snyder said.

Jonesboro police said they’ve concluded their investigation and do not expect to file charges.

NEA Baptist’s CEO Brad Parsons said on Monday no one will be reprimanded because he believes the staff handled the situation appropriately.

Region 8 News reached out to the hospital again on Tuesday, and they declined to comment any further on the situation.

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