He’s been called the Cajun John Wayne.

He’s been described as hilarious, a realist but most recently, controversial.

St. Landry Parish Sheriff public information officer Captain Clay Higgins said his resignation announced today came about, in layman’s terms, he couldn’t change his tactics.

“For me to move forward with my position, I would have to alter the way I do things because that was the command, the sheriff made that clear.”

“Thieves are thieves, whether they’re white or black. He’s just calling it like it is and I don’t see anything wrong with it.” Says one resident.

Higgins gained national attention after a string of outspoken crime stoppers videos went viral.

Most recently, one video in particular targeting suspect members of the Gremilin Gang.

“I will not yield to murderers or the parents that raised them.”

I drew harsh criticism from the ACLU and members of the suspect’s families.

“I will not yield to a discredited, wannabe black activist, that doesn’t really have the best interest of his own people in mind.”

Higgins says the decision didn’t come easy, but that he made the choice to resign his badge Monday morning.

“I’ve asked y’all here today with a heavy heart to advise of my resignation.”

After being given orders by his boss, Sheriff Bobby Guidroz that when against his beliefs, Higgins said that he couldn’t abide by his current orders.

St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz says the impromptu press conference was just as shocking to him as the public.

“I want him to be professional and name-calling, and calling people stupid and no brain cells is right for him then it’s not right for me and he needs to go.”

In a statement released by the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office, Guidroz says he agreed with the overall message of the Gremlins video.

Guidroz also pinpoints other department violations committed by Higgins, appearing in full dress uniform on a magazine cover and forming a limited liability corporation that raised money by selling mugs and t-shirts.