Although a jury in Ville Platte found Samuel Anderson guilty of fatally shooting store owner Ann Nguyen in an armed robbery in 2014.  For Anderson’s family, questions about evidence still remain.

Ann Nguyen was found shot and killed inside K & T’s Meat Market and Grocery in Ville Platte in July 2014.  She owned the store for nearly a decade.  Investigators say Samuel Anderson made all customers leave the store and then shot Nguyen three times.  After her death, residents set up a memorial outside the store.

Perry Thomas, a Ville Platte resident told KLFY in July 2014 “she was to herself, well-respected, did the most for her customers.”

“She never bothered nobody, but I just can’t take it. I’m going to miss her a lot.” said John Adams of Ville Platte.

Samuel Anderson was arrested the day after the murder in Allen Parish.  He confessed to killing Nguyen, but the defense argued it was coerced.  Anderson tested positive for drugs and had codeine in his system.  Barbara Tezeno is Anderson’s aunt.  She owns a business across from what used to be K & T’s and provided investigators with security video.

“We’re not a family that advocates violence.  Our heart goes out to them (family of Ann Nguyen).  But we had wished that there had been a different verdict because we believe there was insufficient evidence.”

Tezeno says the defense argued there was a lack of blood splatter, fingerprints, or DNA evidence linking Anderson to the crime.  Police say they found the murder weapon in Anderson’s backpack in Evangeline Parish.  But Tezeno says the gun wasn’t found when police arrested Anderson in Allen Parish.  She says something doesn’t add up.

“For it to just magically appear in Evangeline Parish, I believe it speaks volumes.  Their claim was they didn’t have the authority to search the bag thoroughly, there were a lot of clothes in the bag. We’re talking about a murder suspect and you mean to tell me you’re not going to properly search that bag for a murder weapon?”

Anderson faces a life sentence for charges of first-degree murder and armed robbery.