LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Students at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette are now being required to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The university says students have until September 20 to get the first dose, and that if students don’t, they won’t be able to register for future semesters.

Some students say they’ve already gotten vaccinated, and this new requirement won’t affect them.

“I don’t really mind it because my brother plays football in college out of state, and they had to get it. My mom, she got it because her child had it. So if my mom did it, I’m doing it too,” UL student Nara Johnson said.

For Ethan McKinnon, an Australian student, he says he has to get it soon anyway.

“It doesn’t affect me too much. It’s still a while away when it’s actually going to affect us, and I sort of have to get the vaccine to get home anyway. So I don’t think it’s a major thing,” McKinnon said.

Other students say the vaccine requirement is a good thing.

“I mean if you want to go to school then it’s important to protect other people, and if you want your rights not to be taken away, don’t go to school,” David Howson said.

Some students say they’re concerned, fearing it’ll affect their education.

“To mandate somebody to go to school, you’re telling them they can’t get an education unless they take a vaccine. In my views, I don’t think it’s right, but when you look at it other ways, then it might be right to other people,” Brandt Camacho said.

Other students News Ten spoke with say they’re not worried because they’ll be able to get an exception for medical or religious reasons.

“I don’t want to get it because I don’t want to risk it on myself. If somebody gets it, it’s their choice. I’m not going to knock them for it because it’s your body. You have your choice of what you want to do. If you think it keeps you safe, get it. For me, I’d rather take the risk than put myself to unknowns,” Bram Shankle told News Ten.

Opinions on the new vaccine requirement vary widely across campus, but UL-Lafayette officials say they believe the vaccine is the most powerful tool they have to combat the pandemic.