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Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about insects, they’re inside they’re outside but how do you take care of them? Do you need different types of pesticides? John how do we deal with that problem when it’s inside and outside?

Well there’s different products for the inside and outside we’re trying to control at this time ants, fleas, ticks, mosquitos, things like that. We have some great products here first product like for the yard is this Talstar and what’s good about it, it’ll last you 4 months. You can put it out for ants, that’s what it’s best for. It’s in a sand consistency, so you can put it in your spreader and it goes down so you don’t have to worry about anybody picking it up. It works great! Also, fleas I have a product for called 38 Plus for fleas and mosquitos. Especially mosquitos, they’re a problem. If you use this product right it works and you won’t have any mosquitos. You want to use it at first maybe once a week. Then after that twice a week. Then once a month. You won’t have a problem. Then you will control your fleas, roaches, anything else in the yard by spraying them. For indoor use, we have the Demon and the Pivot. The Demon is a concentrate you have to mix with water. The Pivot is a aerosol spray you can spray on furniture, carpets in your home and stuff like that. And then we have this regulator which works great. And what you do is you mix this with whatever you spray in the house. And what it does is it prevents eggs that hatch from becoming adult so you’re stopping it from becoming fleas.

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