‘Transportation Transformation’ Local pastor inspiring teens to stop killing and choose a better life through community bus project


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Dozens of young adults are killed in Acadiana every year, shot to death in the street.

One Lafayette pastor says he’s cancelling the future funerals with a project to inspire the youth, though he needs the community’s help to raise the funds to make it happen.

“Transportation Transformation” will basically serve the broken communities where a lot of our troubled youth are, to bring them out of the areas in which a lot of the violence is taking place, to show them something different,” Freedom World Ministries Pastor Lawrence Levy said.

“Whether it be a fishing trip, whether it be a hunting trip, whether it be a trip to an aquarium, just something to begin to let them see the world in a different light.”

Determined to make his vision a reality, Levy bought a bus to transform it into a vehicle for change.

He says he hopes to have all of the seats filled with youth and teens from all communities in Acadiana.

He wants to bring them to fishing trips, NFL and NBA games, and even prisons.

“Bringing them to prisons, let them see the reality. Let them talk to prisoners that may never be going home, just getting them out of their comfort zone of violence, of negativity, of almost nothing to do,” Levy said.

He says with nothing to do, teens can fall into the cycle of violence.

“Let them see. A lot of times, they see things on tv that they don’t think they have access to. Even if it’s just taking rides through neighborhoods with beautiful homes to let them know, if somebody lives in that home, that means it’s accessible to you as well,” he told News Ten.

Levy says the bus he bought needs work, though, and he needs the community’s help to bring this project to life.

“So what we’re going to do is we’re going to give them something to do, servicing not only to their needs as it pertains to getting them out to see something different but also helping to change their mindset as it relates to… ‘I can be something in life. I can do something in life.’ That’s what it’s really about.”

Levy has started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the bus renovations and get Transformation Transportation out on the streets. To make Transportation Transformation possible, he must raise $25,000.

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