Local man helped design Apollo 11 to the moon

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Today marks 50-years since mankind touched down on the moon. An achievement widely known as, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

But here in Acadiana, a local man remembers what it was like to work on developing elements of the rocket that created history.

News 10’s Rebeca Marroquin sat down with him and joins us live in studio.

In 1962, at only 25 years old, Harvey Leblanc began designing the saturn five rocket– the tallest, heavies and most powerful rocket to ever be brought to operational status. he also helped design the apollo capsule itself.

Leblanc tells me that being able to work on a project that became a historical moment for human-kind was an experience he’ll never forget.

“It was an experience because we were designing a vehicle– a rocket– that had never been designed before. we were pushing the state of the art in everything we did. there were no experts to go ask. we had to invent the wheel ourselves basically.”

Leblanc adds that there are times– even now– that he doesn’t believe he was able to be a part of that experience. but he says he’s thankful every day that he was.

Rebeca Marroquin, KLFY News 10

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