Lazy Three Ranch homeowners still recovering more than a week after Hurricane Barry hit area

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We begin tonight in Acadia Parish where a neighborhood is still flooded from Hurricane Barry and other storms.

News Ten’s Morgan Moore visited Lazy Three Ranch to find out how flooding from Bayou Nezpique is affecting them.

Here in Acadia Parish, the roads can flood with up to five inches of water.

I spoke with the homeowner of the Lazy Three Ranch to find out how flooding affects her home. ​

“When it first starts rising, it will start from the Bayou and it’ll start coming up you know covering the front part of our land and then as the flooding continues to come though because it all drains to the Bayou and the more that comes in, the more that comes up.”

This is video from this past Saturday and as you can see, the main road to their home is under water. ​

Sarah Walker says it’s not uncommon for the roads to flood quickly when the Bayou rises.

“The road in front of our home is like a main road….so when this happens, they have to go the long way around, which is probably a good 5 miles out of their way so it is an inconvenience for a lot of people.”​

Walker also says she truly loves her home and all her land but she hopes there can be a solution to all the flooding. ​

In Acadia Parish, Morgan Moore, KLFY News 10.

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