Duson police cracking down on drug related crime

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Duson police said more drug related arrests could be coming. The Duson Police Department arrested three people in three separate cases in a 12-hour period last week.

The arrests are the result of traffic stops. Duson Police Chief Kip Judice says the investigation into drugs is an ongoing process.

Resident Connie Comeaux is a longtime resident of Duson. “You are in your home and they are doing these shootings and drug deals and you dont know if they’re going to start shooting; and your home is right there.”

Comeaux and other resdients say they’re glad to hear about the police department continuous effort to take action against drugs coming into their neighborhood. “If they don’t do something for the town of duson it’s looking bad,” Benoit said.

Duson resident Burnis Benoit says he’s noticed a change. “We got to do something if we can’t work with the chief who else can we work with,” Benoit added.

Burnis’ son Larry Benoit who lives next door says he’s noticed the police chief in the neighborhood talking with parents about underage criminal activity. “Have people thinking and to realize that the bad part that your kids are doing — they don’t need to be doing it any more,” Larry Benoit said.

Comeaux says the reputation of Duson is changing. What use to be — is becoming no more.
“It use to be a point where pretty much on any street corner; you go there was always some kind of drug deal,” Comeaux stated.

Chief Judice says the technology of being able to see and identify who’s driving into the city just by license plate has definitely given his department the edge over criminal activity.

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