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Burglars hit homes of 2 police officers in Eunice

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The homes of two law enforcement officers were burglarized in the Eunice area over the past couple of days.

Arrests have been made with more expected, and police are now investigating to see if these homes were specifically targeted.

Eunice Police Chief Randy Fontenot says these two burglaries just go to show that no one is exempt from crime.

“Nobody’s immune to it.”

Over the weekend, a St. Landry Parish Deputy who lives in Eunice had his home broken into.

“Some weapons were taken, a ballistics vest, a portable radio, and some other items that belonged to the sheriff’s office were taken.”

Tuesday night, Eunice Police Chief Randy Fontenot says his chief deputy, who was off-duty at the time, saw three teens trying to break into a home.

“Well, he decides to investigate that and ends up in a foot pursuit and catches one of them. Well that leads to the capture of the other two.

Fontenot says when his chief deputy got to his house that same night, he found his own home had been burglarized.

“He had some firearms that had been stolen and ammunition.”

The chief says their investigation led them to find out that those three teens had allegedly been the ones to break into the sheriff deputy’s house and the house of Eunice Police Chief Deputy.

Fontenot wants to remind residents of Eunice to be vigilant and to protect their homes from criminals.

“Although we shouldn’t have to do this, to protect our own property, I would recommend putting in alarm systems. Cameras help us a lot to identify suspects.”

He even suggest taking extra steps with those two security options.

Advertise that you have an alarm system, that might keep them away.

Try to keep the cameras concealed as well so that they don’t know where the cameras are when they are doing this.”

The chief says all weapons stolen by the teens were found. He says they may have prevented them from falling into other criminals’ hands.

Chief Fontenot says the investigation is ongoing and they’re expecting more arrests.

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