ARNAUDVILLE: Recall petition controversy

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In June, Dakota Arnaud filed a petition to recall the Arnaudville chief of police.

During that time, the police chief sent out a letter to Arnaudville residents directly addressing the recall– he wrote that he believes Arnaud was being misguided and manipulated by adults.

Now, for the first time, Arnaud is coming forward saying that it is true, “After looking back on it and seeing that I was coerced into starting this petition and being asked to start this petition by an elected official, an alderman for the town of Arnaudville, I see that it was wrong what has occurred. And I believe that a wrong needs to be righted.”

He says Alderman Jamie Huval, told him to file the petition and has been guiding him every step of the way.

Screenshots of a conversation between huval and arnaud show Huval saying “let me read before you post”. 
Arnaud responds with “I can’t even gather my thoughts together right now.” 
Huval then asks, “Want me to write?”

Huval then sends Arnaud a long paragraph in which he says in part, “That’s why I have started a petition to recall this man. We need someone who will support our town, our history, and our officers.”

That same paragraph was posted by Arnaud to his Facebook page.

When I reached out to Huval, he denied having written that paragraph himself. He said all he was doing was proofreading for Arnaud. He explained, “[Anrnaud] wanted me to check over his text message so I looked at it.”

He explained, “[Anrnaud] wanted me to check over his text message so I looked at it.”

Arnaud tells News 10 when he told the alderman he was coming clean about the petition, Huval didn’t take it well, “He got very defensive, argumentative, and he told me that he would come after me if I was to release the truth and that there would be repercussions.”

That’s a conversation Arnaud recorded.

In it you can hear Huval say, “F*** me over and I’m coming after you.” Then later in the conversation, “Well I promise you, you will not enjoy what happens.”

Huval admitted that was him speaking in that recording and explains what he meant,  “That means that I’m hiring an attorney. I would be hiring an attorney to sue him for slander.”

Huval also told News 10 he said those things out of frustration. He claims Arnaud has been harrassing him and he says he’s had enough.

Arnaud says he just wants the truth out about who, he says, is truly behind the recall petition. 

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