TYLER, Tx (KETK)- The saying goes, cats have 9 lives, and after this story, you’ll see why.

A curious kitten survived a 55-mile journey from Pittsburg to Tyler, clinging to the underside of a car. 

Gary Stewart: “A student at UT Tyler drove from Pittsburg Texas to Tyler. She got to the campus she got out of her car…and on the way in she heard a kitten under her car,” explains Gary Stewart, Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotive.

Crawling under the car, this kitten had no idea what it was getting itself into. When the driver realized she had a hidden passenger, campus police told her to head over to Stewarts Donnybrook Automotive. Stewart says he is no stranger to furry friends. 

“The cars are parked outside and the little kittens get into those cars just for protection,” says Stewart. 

Once the car arrived at the shop, Stewart started the rescue mission. 

“So we get her up on the rack here, raise it up in the air, and we just start to search and find one, and we’ll find it eventually,” Stewart explains it isn’t as easy as it sounds, “they can get into compartments and especially with a kitten, they can get into places you can’t even get your hand in.”

Stewart says cars are the perfect hiding place for small animals. Eventually, he was able to find the feline, who then ended up in the arms of Brooklynn Hurber. 

“She needs help…she needs a home,” says Hurber, a family friend and animal lover who couldn’t say no to fostering the rescued kitty. 

This kitten is a true survivor, searching for a home. After the interview with Brooklynn, she paid a visit to the KETK newsroom, where the little kitty was a star for the day. 

After seeing how precious the ball of fur was, our very own Mye Owens decided to adopt the kitten, but she needs help coming up with a name for her. 

On her Facebook page, KETK Mye Owens, she has created an event. Under the discussion panel, she has posted 4 names for you folks at home to choose. The poll will last until Wednesday, May 8 at 10:00 pm.

If you would like to vote, simply click here!