Teurlings Catholic High School students observes Holy Thursday with presentation of ‘Passion Play’


As Holy Week is nearing the end, students at one local Catholic School are honoring the passion and death of Jesus Christ with a reenactment. 
The community is pouring inside the gymnasium at Teurlings Catholic High for the ‘Passion of our Lourde’ It’s a presentation put on by students for them to not only hear and see about this story but to experience it on this Holy Thursday.

“We watched the Passion Play as a class and I’ve just been praying to Mary a lot for her accession through me today and for her presence with me,” said Senior Ariana Herbert. 

Ariana Herbert was selected to play Mary for the Passion Play. It’s something that means more to her than just a role, but a humbling moment.  “Mary was such an amazing role model for everybody. She is the role model,” she said. 

With other big shoes to fill, Senior Chris Nichols portrayed Jesus Christ. “You’re expected to see a portrayal of what it was really like back when Jesus did walk the streets and was crucified,” said Nichols. 

As a Catholic School, he said the entire senior class took this seriously to give the full effect. “It’s an important part of our faith. So, we need to be able to show everybody why we believe what we believe and I think this is a great way to show it,” he added. 

Despite many school closures from the expected severe weather threats, the Teurlings Catholic community sacrificed and embraced the day. “The weather today resembles the weather of that day where it was stormy after Jesus died,” said Josette Surratt, the Director of Faith Formation. 

Many students were emotionally moved. Even letting tears flow during the scenes. “With the music and the acting and all the things that go into it…It’s a very very touching and emotional and significant presentation for all of us,” she added. 

Each Lenten season, the students raise funds for an organization that’s near and dear to their heart. This year, they raised $3,500 for Catholic Charities. 

Students also raised funds for a local men’s shelter. The school has held this annual presentation for over 25 years

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