Teen uses senior photo shoot to honor father killed in Afghanistan


A Nebraska high school student is getting a lot of attention on social media because of her unique senior pictures.

Julia Yllescas decided to pay tribute to her father in a special way because he died while serving in Afghanistan.

Earlier this month, Yllecas had her senior pictures taken and sent in pictures to the photographer to see if she could create an “Angel Picture”.

On Saturday, Yllecas had her senior pictures taken. She then sent in pictures to the photographer to see if she could create an “Angel picture”. “Like I said, to have a piece of him with me throughout my senior year. Because sometimes it feels like where are you? Why did you have to leave?” , said Yllecas.

Her dad died in Afghanistan in 2008 after he ran over an IED.

Being an active duty military wife herself, the photographer said she was honored to take the photos.

“I was teary eyed when I was editing them, all I could think in my head is, ‘I don’t ever want to have to do this for my own kids,’” Susanne Beckmann said.

And although he is not there by her side physically, the pictures show Julia Yllescas will never be without her dad.

“Just to have that on my wall and be like, ‘No he is with me, even though I can’t physically see him,’” Julia Yllescas said.


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