A front will come in later tonight, giving us the chance for a few showers and storms, but this front will do very little to curb the heat through the weekend. Highs will reach the upper 80s today, tomorrow, and through the weekend.

Long-range models, however, have an even stronger front trying to plunge to the south by the middle of next week. If models are correct, this could be the strongest front we’ve seen so far this Fall season and could bring some of the coolest temperatures we’ve seen so far.

Rain chances are expected next Monday out ahead of this front, but models have this front moving through Monday night and Tuesday. Behind it, strong northerly winds in the 10-20 mph range will be likely.

The GFS model shows highs in the lower 70s Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. With clear skies, the GFS shows overnight lows approach the mid-upper 40s Wednesday and Thursday morning!

Yes, the GFS is usually aggressive with fronts, but the European model is in general agreement with the GFS, showing a similar front coming in mid-week next week. OF COURSE, models can change between now and then, but this is not unprecedented. This is usually the time of year we get our first big front of the cool season, which gets rid of the upper 80s for good and makes highs in the 70s more of the norm. We’ll see if it happens!