Louisiana man arrested for calling 911 on officers who pulled over his car, officials say

Bryce Quanstrom,

A Thibodaux man is accused of calling 911 on police officers who pulled over a car that belonged to him overnight Friday, officials said.

Bryce Quanstrom, 22, was arrested for unlawful use of the 911 system, according to the Thibodaux Police Department.

Investigators said the traffic stop happened just before 1 a.m. in the 300 block of Lagarde Street.

While officers were citing the driver for equipment and a moving violation, Quanstrom appeared shirtless and started sprinting toward the traffic stop.

Quanstrom wasn’t in the vehicle during the traffic stop and officers at the scene told him to stay back, officials said. He began to shout profanities at the officers, threatening to call 911.

According to police, Quanstrom ignored the advice of officers to not call 911 and told the 911 operator that he needed an officer at his location.

Quanstrom was later arrested for his actions, police said.

Investigators did not identify the driver of Quanstrom’s vehicle.

Thibodaux police Chief Bryan Zeringue said Quanstrom’s arrest should be a reminder for people to use the 911 system correctly and to not approach officers while they are conducting investigations.

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