Baton Rouge schools prepare amid rumors of imminent decision in Alton Sterling case


EAST BATON ROUGE PARISH (WAFB) – Area schools say things will continue to be business as usual as rumors continue to spiral that a possible federal decision in the Alton Sterling case could be made public in the coming days.

“We are just preparing for a week as normal,” said Warren Drake, superintendent for the East Baton Rouge Parish School System.

Drake says as of right now, there are no plans for school cancellations and or early dismissals this week, but he confirms they are in talks with the Baton Rouge Police Department, principals, and school security teams to ensure safety is the top priority.

“I think we have to prepare, absolutely, but I also think kids are safest in school number one and the more normal things can be the better for our children,” Drake added.

Drake says normal is what’s needed, especially because of the big week of testing ahead for students across the parish.

“We have testing going on in every elementary school for 3rd and 4th graders. We also have testing in every high school, so normalcy is important,” Drake added.

Similar calls for normalcy are also coming from other area schools. A letter to parents from the superintendent of Parkview Baptist School said unless stated otherwise, Parkview will function as normally scheduled. Another letter sent to parents from Episcopal School of Baton Rouge said school officials are hoping for the best, and yet, will be prepared. St. Luke’s Episcopal Day School leaders also sent a message to parents, reassuring them of a

plan to help school officials respond to whatever situations may arise in the coming days.

“There’s a fear of the unknown, so with an unknown, you tend to think the very worst,” said Drake.

While Drake says he has not heard much beyond the rumor of a possible federal decision, he says whatever happens, parents should know their children are in good hands.

“It’s speculation when this is coming out. I think it’s speculation that it may be tomorrow. When that happens, we’ll take a look on a day-by-day basis. We certainly understand that safety is our number one priority, we know that,” said Drake.

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