SUNSET, La. (KLFY) — Cafe Josephine, named “Best Restaurant in Acadiana,” is a regular in the Acadiana Eats Kitchen. Chef Troy always shows Gerald Gruenig different ways to bring a rice dish to life.

This morning in the Acadiana Eats Kitchen, Chef Troy put oysters and green onion over rice, chicken and spinach over rice, “perfectly cooked” steak with rice, and beef’s tongue over rice.

Every dish paid its respects to the traditional eating in Acadiana. Rice is a big part of almost every meal, and Chef Troy showed different ways to spice it up. Gerald Gruenig described eat dish as mouth watering.

Chef Troy calls himself “The fat man in the cage” at Cafe Josephine as he cooks some dishes right in front of the customers. He says you can come in on any given day and witness him perfectly cooking steak or oysters for anyone who wants to watch.


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