Snake Problem! Elderly and disabled community wants grass cut


“Watch yourself and be careful. It doesn’t take ’em much to bite ya”.
-Perice Dauterive, cuts grass

A snake surprise at New Iberia’s Markham Homes.

People living in a housing complex for the elderly and disabled say they’re finding snakes inside their homes and they think they know why.
They say the property manager hasn’t cut the grass in a month.

Martha lived in the Markham for six years. “Do not go in those tall grasses,” she warns.

The homes are low-income housing for the elderly and handicapped.
The men and women are over 70, 80, even 90 but here it’s the grass that’s over-grown.

They are knee-deep in a pest problem.

Between two bayous, next to sugar cane field, and on top of that Dauterive says, “Tall grass which harvests rats, mice, and that’s a snake’s favorite food.”

Residents say the Housing Authority has been waiting on bids to hire the cheapest yard service and exterminator for a month.
After this week’s scare, they are calling in every family favor they can to get some of the grass cut.

I tried the Housing Authority but got an answering machine and had to leave a message.

This close community that doesn’t want to be overlooked.

“All we’re asking for is some answers, said Regina Henry who lives in Markham Homes. “Let us know what you’re going to do.”

They also don’t want to be bitten by something they overlooked.

“How in the world are they gonna run away from a snake”
-resident of Markham Homes

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