Police in Broussard are investigating a rash of car break-ins. In some cases, the burglars got away with guns.

Three car break-ins on Still Water Road in the Cypress Crossing subdivision last week were caught on video. Handguns were stolen in each one.

“Vast majority of the time it’s unlocked vehicles,” said Broussard Police Chief Brannon Decou. “It’s what we call a crime of opportunity. They’re taking advantage of people leaving their vehicles unlocked.”

There have been 45 car burglaries in Broussard since January 1st. During that time, nine guns were taken. The bad guys also swipe cash, debit cards, jewelry, and electronics. 13 cases resulted in arrests.

“Could be different subjects. It’s at different times. They’re with different people sometimes. It appears to be a single person walking a subdivision,” said Chief Decou.

In the meantime, Chief Decou encourages people to lock all vehicles at night.

“We want people to remember to lock their vehicle. Secure your personal items. Anything of value, take it out of sight.”