RAYNE, LA — Police are investigating two shootings outside and near Rayne High School.

The Rayne football team was just celebrating a victory whenever bullets started ringing out outside the stadium.

“30 years of being law enforcement, we’ve never any incidents at the ball game, anything around the schools, and it’s just kinda shocking that this happened tonight”

Captain Tony Olinger, Rayne Police Department

At 9:45 P.M. Friday, Captain Tony Olinger’s department responded to a shooting on Stadium Drive.

“The game ended. Everybody was exiting the parking lot at the stadium, and about a block down from the stadium is where the incident happened, where we believe the shots were fired”, Rayne told News 10 after the scene was cleared.

“I felt like my life was in danger”, Tyrenae Chearlot said. She attended the football game. When she and her friend heard gunfire, instincts took over.
Shatara Price said, “I went to the nearest car. I ran. Hide”.

Olinger said seven cars were struck by bullets.

“Somebody walked from around the car and fired two shots into my son’s car”, Demoine Decloette told before police took his statement.

Officers believe a related shooting happened on Lyman Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.
One person was shot there. He was taken to a Lafayette hospital and questioned by police.

Authorities did not give an age or gender of the victim yet.

Captian Olinger said Rayne Police are interviewing witnesses, looking at cell phone video and they hope to have enough information to make an arrest Saturday, “Things like this happen on the streets and after. With crowds and stuff, you really can’t prepare for that, but you just try and respond and do the best job that you can.